Course Description

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In this course, participants will learn about the business case for diversity — specifically how companies are using inclusion and diversity to create a competitive advantage through their employer brand, talent acquisition strategies, employee development, performance management, engagement, and retention. Dr. Davis will describe the external marketplace and the changing global workforce that have necessitated the increased focus on inclusion; this will include an overview/refresher of the multigenerational workforce—describing all five generations, the unique challenges and opportunities that they bring to the workplace, and the strategies necessary to lead each generation, and bring harmony in any organization. She will also outline recent research that reveals how these changes have impacted job satisfaction, employee engagement, productivity, and retention of top talent and what are the financial implications. 

Through worksheets and handouts, participants will reflect on how these changes may affect their organization’s culture, its customers, and its business strategy and how inclusive leadership behaviors can positively influence and build an inclusive culture.